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YS PTA Bylaws Notification

posted Oct 17, 2016, 2:30 PM by Voorheesville PTA

In June of this year the delegates at the National PTA Convention approved a vast number of revisions to the National PTA bylaws. Some of those changes are required to be incorporated into every constituent association’s bylaws (state, region, local and council) in order to remain in compliance with the Standards of Affiliation of National PTA.

NYS PTA has been working on making sure our bylaws reflect those changes in accordance with Article XXII-Amendments, Section 2, which states: The adoption of an amendment to any provision of the Bylaws of the National PTA and the New York State PTA shall serve automatically and without the requirement of further action by the constituent association to amend correspondingly the bylaws of each constituent association.

Notwithstanding the automatic character of the amending process, the constituent association shall promptly incorporate such amendments in their respective bylaws.

Therefore, below you will find links to the following documents:

  1. The NYS PTA bylaws updated with the changes necessary for compliance and including a highlighted section (to new Article XVIII) that is not an automatic addition and will require action by the delegates at the NYS Convention in November.
  2. The proposed amendment to add Section 4 to Article XVIII.
  3. A list explaining the changes made to the NYS PTA to align the NYS PTA Bylaws with those of National PTA.

Action is required only to add a new Section 4 to the new Article XVIII because we cannot mirror the language to National PTA's exactly in this section. The related section in the National PTA bylaws speaks specifically to the dissolution of National PTA while ours must speak to the dissolution of NYS PTA. Therefore, action is required by the delegates at Convention to include appropriate language.

It should also be noted that corresponding changes have been made to the unit, council, region and Empire State bylaws patterns in accordance with Article VI, Section 15 of the NYS bylaws and are in full effect even if the current bylaws held by these constituent association are in an older format. Any amendments approved at the NYS PTA Convention in November 2016 that have corresponding amendments in the unit, council, region and ESPTSA bylaws will also be incorporated into all those patterns immediately following Convention and become effective immediately.

If you have questions regarding the proposed amendment or other proposed amendments previously sent, or any questions regarding the compliance changes, please contact